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Yarrow Tea

Herbal brews can be expensive. Why not try a locally sourced alternative?

Much less prolific than other edible plants, yarrow can be commonly found in wooded areas, among the ground cover. It is easy to spot with its high reaching clusters of small white flowers and fern like leaves. It is the leaves that you are after. Simply pluck the leaf off at the base of the plant and collect as much as you will need for immediate consumption.

Once you have foraged enough for a cup worth of tea, or for more servings to share with friends, head on over to your food preparation area…


  • hot water kettle

  • sieve

  • mug


  1. Wash leaves under running water to remove dirt

  2. Boil water in the kettle

  3. Place 3-4 leaves into a mug and pour boiled water over them

  4. Let steep for 5-10 min.

  5. Enjoy

The sharp piney flavour of yarrow tea is what attracts me to this plant. The strong aroma and taste of this tea can be a nice alternative to store bought tea varieties.

Just one word of caution with yarrow: Drink in moderation. There are medicinal qualities to yarrow and more than 2 cups of this tea a day could have negative effects for some people. Read here for information about the side effects of yarrow, from qualitied individuals

Note: Dried yarrow leaves tend to lose all of their interesting flavour in the preservation process, so I do not recommend it.

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