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Pineapple Weed

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Walking along the sidewalk in mid-June I start to see pineapple weed sprouting in the cracks and in the street gutters. Picking one of the buds, crushing the flower between my fingers and smelling the released aroma, takes me back to memories of summers spent in my Granny’s small prairie town. When walking to and from swimming lessons, I would often repeat the ritual; pick a pineapple weed blossom, crush it and smell the scent it let off.

Back then, I did not know that this unassuming petalless plant could make a nice tea. Now I do. Related to chamomile, pineapple weed can make a nice replacement for the varieties that you typically buy at grocery stores. Brewed fresh or dried, pineapple weed can be a nice calming drink on a cold rainy day. These plants can easily be found on the edges of paths and concrete walkways.


  • container to collect flowers in

  • sieve

  • kettle

  • mug

  • paper towel

  • airtight storage jar

Directions for fresh brewed tea:

  1. Pluck off the flower head of the plant and collect in your container

  2. Rinse well in the sieve

  3. Boil enough water for a mug of tea in the kettle

  4. Place 6 or 7 flowers in a mug and pour the boiled water over them

  5. Let steep for 4-6 min. until the water is green/yellow

  6. Enjoy!

Directions for drying:

If you are fortunate enough to harvest an excess of the pineapple weed flower, you can dry them for use over the winter months.

  1. Lay out paper towels on a flat surface.

  2. Spread out washed pineapple blossoms evenly on the paper towels, no overlapping.

  3. Let air dry till there is no moisture to the touch. It can take a few days to over a week.

  4. Store in an airtight jar until used, then brew as you would with fresh flowers.

Pineapple weed can be an affordable replacement for store bought chamomile tea. It has a similar calming effect and has a pleasant flavour and aroma. Step out of your yard and look for this plant in nearby green spaces for one of nature’s beneficial, herbal plants.

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